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How do I know which association to sign my son or daughter up with?
AMPW uses the same districts that correspond with the high schools in Clayton, Fulton, Henry, and Spalding counties. There are a few high school districts that do not have Pop Warner programs in them which are considered ‘Open’ areas. Participants who reside in open districts are free to register at any association.

When is registration, and how much does it cost?
Each association manages its own registration, which can begin as early as March and conclude as late as July and August. If you know the association for which you are zoned you can visit the ‘Associations’ link which will take you to our list of member associations for more information. Additionally, registration fees vary between associations so please refer to your program’s website. 

What documentation do I need to register my child?
To register with any Pop Warner program you will need the following documentation:

1) Birth certificate
2) 2023 Pop Warner Participant Contract
3) Copy of the child’s final report card
4) Pop Warner Physical Fitness & Medical History Form

Some associations require paperwork in addition to Pop Warner’s requirements (please verify with your local association). Examples include:

1) Copy of your most recent utility bill to verify residency
2) Registration application unique to your association
3) Proof of medical insurance

Does Atlanta Metro Pop Warner coordinate the physicals?
No. Parents are responsible for getting their children’s physicals scheduled with the doctor of their choice, and some associations will coordinate group physicals. Participants must complete a 2023 Pop Warner Physical Fitness and Medical History Form which must also be signed or stamped by a doctor on or after January 1.

If my child doesn’t like it can I get my money back?
Refund policies are managed by each association. Please check with the management of your association for details.

When does the season start?
Teams can start practicing on or after August 1 in shorts and helmets for the first week. 

How many games are there in a season?
There are usually 8 regular season games, a jamboree or pre-season game prior to opening week, and playoff games if the teams qualify. There are also bowl games and tournaments at the end of the season that some teams participate in. Most games are held on Saturdays with a few exceptions. Cheerleaders cheer at all home and away games.

What is the cutoff date for determining the age of my child?
July 31

How long and frequent are the practices?
The first week of practice is reserved for conditioning. No contact is permitted during the conditioning week and this time is used to exercise and begin evaluations on the kids. From the end of conditioning until Labor Day teams can practice in pads for 10 hours per week. After Labor Day teams are allowed to practice 6 hours per week. Cheerleading practices typically average the same hours per week as football.

Can I be a football coach?
Each association is responsible for the hiring and management of football and cheerleading coaches. Please contact the association for your district for more information. No matter which association you volunteer at you must submit a completed 2023 Official Volunteer Application and go through a background check.

What is the minimum age for becoming a head coach?
The minimum age for football and cheerleading head coaches is 21. Assistant Coaches must be at least 18 years of age. All coaches must pass a Pop Warner certification class.

How many players are there per team?
Pop Warner rules mandate that no team may have more than 35 players (except Tiny Mites which can have no greater than 28) and no less than 17 on an active roster. Cheerleading teams cannot have more than 35 per team.

What equipment does my son get and what do I have to purchase?
There may be two options. An association will supply a NOCSAE-certified helmet and shoulder pads. Or an association may require the parents to purchase official helmets and shoulder pads. Associations vary on the purchase of additional equipment such as mouthpieces, chin straps, cleats, practice & game pants, and jerseys and socks. Uniforms for cheerleaders vary between associations so please check with the program in your district for more information.

Can my child participate in an association for which he/she is not zoned?
Registration of a player/cheerleader can only be made at the association they are zoned for unless they live in a high school district that does not have a Pop Warner program. However, there are exceptions made for some circumstances which may include their home association’s roster being full or a sibling already participating in another program. Exceptions can also be made for unique or extenuating circumstances beyond full rosters or siblings, but in any case, it is necessary to complete an AMPW waiver form. All waivers must be approved and signed by the commissioner of the releasing association as well as the receiving association. AMPW waivers can be found on the ‘XXXXXXX’ page of the website and parents are strongly encouraged to communicate with the releasing and receiving commissioners prior to completing any waiver applications.

Is the emphasis on winning?
Since Pop Warner is a scholastic organization first the emphasis is on academics. On the football field, the emphasis is on hard work, discipline, teamwork, and commitment with the understanding that winning is a by-product of those attributes.

What type of assistance can I provide if I’m not a coach?
Team Parents are highly encouraged to assist the head coaches in the management of supplies, communication, and most importantly, paperwork. Team Parents are essentially the ‘back office’ administrators of each team and are essential to successful seasons. If you are interested in becoming a Team Parent then please contact the association management for your district. Please note that these positions require a substantial time and energy commitment. Make sure that you can commit to being at most practices and all games if you are serious about volunteering for these duties. Volunteers are always needed to work in the concession stands, work in the press box, the chain crews, and minimum play counters.

Does my child’s scholastic performance affect his ability to play?
Pop Warner is first and foremost an academic institution built on advancing young men and women through football and cheerleading. Pop Warner participants who are interested in making All-American will be required to provide a bi-weekly progress report signed by their school administrators in order to participate in AMPW’s annual scholastics banquet held in late January. Each association has a designated Scholastic Coordinator whose responsibility is to monitor and report on those student-athletes’ academic progress.

How far are the away games?
The Atlanta Metro Pop Warner conference includes teams from Clayton, Fulton, Henry, and Spalding counties. You can expect to travel to any city in these counties for away games. For teams that make the playoffs regional games can be as far as South Georgia, East Georgia, and Jacksonville.

Are the games properly officiated?
Yes. Referees from the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) oversee all games. These are the same officials who do the high school football games.

If I don’t have a child playing football can they be a cheerleader?
Absolutely! Cheerleading is an integral part of successful football and is a great way for the girls to exercise, compete and socialize.

Is there a competition for cheerleaders?
Yes, in October all cheerleaders from Atlanta Metro Pop Warner compete in the annual AMPW cheerleading competition where winning squads can qualify to compete in Regional and even National competitions.

Are the backgrounds of your coaches checked?
Yes. Any volunteer, whether a coach or board member must pass a criminal background check each year.
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